Leap Motion and Unity3D Racing Game

Hacking Afternoon with Leap Motion and Unity3D.


2 responses to “Leap Motion and Unity3D Racing Game

  1. hey,

    Can we get copy of this game. we are students at College of north west london and we will be showcasing leap motion next Wednesday. we would love to showcase that racing game that you have and we will be also intrested in how you made it also and its a learning curve for us as well cause we are programming and robotics student at CNWL. We would like to see how you made this game. and we promise we will not be using your work as commercial use cause its just for the showcase purpose and learning because we atm don’t have any resource for leap motion we don’t know how to make games for it or anything.

    • Sure,
      the game actually was already made for Untiy3d as a tutorial and you can find it in the Unity Asset Store for free (also a few other examples for Leap Motion).
      Basically this is what I have done:

      “Actually I “tricked” the car. Since the script for the car controls was in JS, I couldn’t feed the Leap Input, which requires C#, into the script. So, as you see from the game, I fed the Leap Input to the hands models and from there I just took the hands movements from the JS script. I did the same thing with Razer Hydra, “Oculus Ferrari” video, where I integrated the Leap and Oculus too and also used a Ferrari model with the same system fro the “Car Tutorial”.

      If you give an email address I can send you the Unity project.

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