Immersive Technologies Presentation

So, I made this presentation at the Puglia Developers Club about new Immersive Technologies.

The idea was to present these developer priced devices, some of them prototypes and some available now.

At the end of the talk we had two stations, Razer Hydra, Leap Motion, Kinect and of course two Oculus Rift devices ready for all the participants to try out and have fun.

These are the SLIDES

And these are a few snapshots from the presentation.

20130711_180449 20130711_182743 20130711_201806 20130711_201926 20130711_201707


Oculus Ferrari

So, just got my Oculus and during the weekend I hacked again the Car Tutorial from Unity Asset Store but now works with Oculus Rift, Keyboard, Razer Hydra and Leap Motion. And this time is a Ferrari.


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